I grew up in Quakertown, PA.  From the time I was in elementary school, becoming a doctor is all I ever wanted for my career.  When I was a Junior in high school I had the opportunity to volunteer in a small local emergency department.  This led to the opportunity to be employed as an orderly in a larger nearby hospital.  I continued to work in hospitals in various capacities throughout the rest of high school and college.  I did well in my studies, but not well enough to get into medical school when I finished college.  Therefore, I taught high school science (8th, 10th, 11th, 12th) in the Christian School from which I had graduated.  Thankfully, I was able to obtain a seat at Temple University School of Medicine during my second round of applying to medical school.


During medical school (1982-1986) I struggled with what field to specialize in.  I ended up choosing Family Medicine because of the variety it involves and the ability to develop long term relationships with people and their families.  Prior to my second year of medical school I married my wife, Carol.


I did my three year residency at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ. and upon completion stayed in New Jersey to start a solo practice.  The practice was quite successful as far as growth of patient numbers.  However, starting in about 1998, the changes in the economics of medicine coupled with the high cost of everything in New Jersey began to make it evident that continuing as an independent solo physician was not going to remain viable.  I had no interest in working for a hospital, so in 2003 I sold my practice to the hospital and moved to South Carolina.


For the first two years in South Carolina, I was part of University Medical Associates in Greenville, which primarily provided care to Bob Jones University.  While I enjoyed caring for the wonderful patients and my wife thoroughly loved the much less harried lifestyle, I missed having a practice of my own.  Therefore, I started my own practice in Greer in August 2005, near where we lived.  This practice has also prospered and we moved into our own building in July, 2011. Take a look at our web site (www.cfmofgreer.com) for more information on the practice.


Along with my wife, my family consists of four children.  Check out my facebook page (W Keith Stafford) for a more thorough look at the family.

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